Who is this bog-snorkelling woman?!

Llanwrtyd.com front page screengrab

When we launched this new website at the Llanwrtyd Wells Arts and Heritage Centre last Thursday night, everyone was stunned by this woman now emblazoned on the front page. Henceforth she’ll be the face of this lovely rural Welsh town!

This smiling bog-snorkelling woman… nobody knew who she is. She’s going to be famous! So if anybody out there can identify her, please get in touch!

Launch of the Llanwrtyd.com website at the Arts and Heritage Centre

Launch of the website at Llanwrtyd Arts and Heritage Centre – we made their website too!

This profusely illustrated website contains dozens and dozens of images of this overlooked corner of the country

This quirky town is now best known as the home of the World Alternative Games, bog snorkelling and the Man vs. Horse race. You can see an action picture of a champ breaking the world stone skimming record!

The website is also partially bilingual and contains videos showcasing the area. At the launch, the website was extremely well received by the community!

If you want a website like this, get in touch!

“The biggest solar installation in Welsh history”

Egni.coop website screengrab of front page

Cyberium is very happy to have completely revamped the website for egni.coop in readiness for its brand-new community solar share issue.

As they say: “Egni Co-op develops rooftop solar energy in Wales. Through our co-op share offer, we also give people the chance to invest their money towards in a more sustainable future and get a fair rate of return.

“We’re offering interest projected @ 4%/year and capital to be repaid over 20 years. We’re aiming to install 5MW – the biggest rollout of solar power in Welsh history.”

The website is fully bilingual and runs on the latest version of WordPress, with the opportunity to invest via the website.

It’s been a very exciting project to be part of. We’ve been involved with Egni and with its sister, community wind power co-op Awel, for many years.